English-Arabic/Arabic-English Translation: A Practical Guide

English-Arabic/Arabic-English Translation: A Practical Guide
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ISBN/EAN: 9780863561559
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Publisher: SAQI BOOKS
Pub. Date: 1997
Author: HATIM B
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 220
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Unlike other translation manuals available, "English-Arabic/Arabic-English Translation: A Practical Guide" transcends crude dichotomies of 'literal' vs 'free' translation, 'specialized' vs 'general', 'communicative' vs 'semantic', etc and concentrates instead on developing in the student a sensitivity to text-types and a deeper understanding of the demand which a given text-type makes on the translator. In addition, the student who closely follows this Guide will acquire the analytical tools necessary to make meaningful comments about translation and translations. The guide is divided into three sections: translating legal texts; translating detached exposition; and translating argumentation. Thus the development of the student's translation skills and strategies starts with extremely detached and non-evaluative texts and progressively moves on to extremely involved and highly evaluative texts. The sections are divided into units. Each unit contains an overview which contextualizes the particular text-form under discussion, a carefully chosen selection of texts and detailed notes and glossaries to guide the student to the most appropriate translation. A glossary of text-linguistic and translation terms is provided together with a select bibliography.
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