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A novel of intrigue, deceit and sheer desperation, Bestseller is a caustic portrait of contemporary culture and of Britain's obsession with fame, success and becoming the next J.K. Rowling.
£7.99 £7.19


Born out of the author's own experiences as a young InterRail traveller, this modern picaresque novel is a celebration of a Europe without boundaries, the joy of being young and the infinite, unpredictable paths we can go down during our lives.
£7.99 £7.19

Isabel's Skin

Peter Benson's new novel is a slick gothic tale in the English tradition, a murder mystery, a reflection on the works of the masters of the French Enlightenment and a tour of Edwardian England. More than this, it is a work of atmosphere and unease which creates a world of inhuman anxiety and suspense.
£7.99 £7.19

Journey to the End of the Night

First published in 1932, Journey to the End of the Night was immediately acclaimed as a masterpiece and a turning point in French literature. This edition contains a foreword by John Banville.
£9.99 £8.99

Lesser Dependency

A trenchant critique of modern civilization, A Lesser Dependency movingly describes how one family's tropical heaven became hell.
£8.99 £8.09

Private Moon

A humorous novel about a private eye living an uneventful life in Brighton until normality gives way to a kind of mad logic.
£8.99 £8.09


Written as a long confession to Jo's ex-girlfriend Susie, alternating with Elizabeth's account of nursing Indian soldiers at the Brighton Pavilion in 1915, The Repercussions is a sweeping narrative dealing with the psychological and emotional reality of war, as well as race, guilt, love and loss.
£7.99 £7.19


A compelling coming-of-age tale, in which Benson employs surfing as a metaphor, adding graceful comic details and a series of charming secondary characters, Riptide is an intense, even transcendent examination of a young man's struggle to establish his identity while facing the loss of both parents.
£8.99 £8.09