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31 BC: Antony, Cleopatra and the Fall of Egypt

On 2 September 31 BC the superpowers of ancient Egypt and Rome met head on for the first and last time in history. The outcome was the Battle of Actium, which would change the course of history and lead directly to the foundation of the Roman Empire.

African Art Close-up

Featuring a rich array of magnificent artworks from the British Museum and beyond, the book showcases some of the most exquisite works of wood, stone, ceramics, beadwork, textiles and metalwork from Africa - from the Mediterranean coast to the Cape and from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Beginning with an introduction to the very nature of African art, each of the artworks is then explored within its wider cultural and historical context, with chapters relating to contemporary art, masquerade, specific materials (such as cloth, precious metals, wood and iron), gender, tools, and arms and armour. Close-up views of individual details will allow the reader to see these pieces in a new way, while the author points out unexpected juxtapositions across a wide range of cultures, periods and media. Presenting a spectacular view of African art, this stunning book also offers tremendous insight into African culture.

African Designs

"African Designs" is the fifth book to be published in this series. An introduction gives a brief history of African art from the earliest rock paintings to the most recent pottery and basket work. Over three hundred patterns illustrate the great diversity of artistic styles from all parts of the continent. They are taken from a wide variety of sources including pottery, wood carving, flags, armour and textiles.

African Textiles

An in-depth survey of the textiles of Africa, from raw materials to the final product, with fine photos on every page, mostly black and white and a few in colour. John Picton is a lecturere at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London; John Mack is Keeper of the British Museum's Department of Ethnography.