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Baby Room: Principles, Policy and Practice

Drawing on research, The Baby Room considers development issues and research areas concerned with and in relation to the care and development of babies and very young children, with a focus on talk, relationships and environments.
£24.99 £22.49

Beginning Primary Teaching - Moving Beyond Survival

By illustrating and exploring early experiences in teaching, this book helps primary teachers to understand their early professional development and learning and helps them to reflect on their own practice as well as that of others, offering a source of practical support throughout the important early years of their careers.
£22.25 £20.03

Chilling Out: The Cultural Politics of Substance Consumption, Youth and Drug Policy

Examines assumptions underlying drug prohibition and explores the contradictions of drug prevention policies. This book combines an exploration of the global political and historical context with a focus on youth culture. It argues for an holistic understanding of drugs in society, which can be the basis for a coherent approach to drug control.
£25.99 £23.39

Doing a Literature Review in Health and Social Care: A Practical Guide 2ed

This bestselling book is a step-by-step guide to doing a literature review in health and social care. It is vital reading for all those undertaking their undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation or any research module which involves a literature review.
£19.99 £17.99

Effective Group Work with Young People

This book aims to improve the confidence of those working with young people and ensure that the 'group experience' is a positive one for both the practitioner and the group of young people.
£26.99 £24.29

Enhancing Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Engaging with the Dimensions of Practice

This book is an essential guide if you are working in higher education and seeking professional recognition for your role in teaching and supporting learning, and particularly if you are seeking a fellowship with the UK Higher Education Academy (HEA).
£33.99 £30.59

Introduction to Community Nursing Practice

This book will introduce the skills required to work with the challenges of community nurse activities, from working in people's homes, organizing yourself, working with carers, assessment skills and working with other professions.
£25.99 £23.39

Leadership for Nursing and Allied Health Professions

The book demystifies the key elements of leadership, highlights the difference between leadership and management and identifies the essential components for successful leadership amongst health care professionals.
£23.99 £21.59