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Anglicanism: A Very Short Introduction

What is Anglicanism? How is it different from other forms of Christianity, and how did it come to have so many different versions throughout the world? This title highlights the diversity of Anglicanism by exploring its history, theology, and structure, and examines what is it that holds Anglicanism together despite the crises.
£7.99 £7.19

Animal Kingdom: A Very Short Introduction

Molecular biology has revolutionized our understanding of animals and their evolution. In this Very Short Introduction, Peter Holland provides an authoritative summary of the modern view of animal life, its origins, and the new classification resulting from DNA studies.
£7.99 £7.19

Autism: A Very Short Introduction

What causes autism? Is it a genetic disorder, or due to some unknown environmental hazard? Are we facing an epidemic? What are the main symptoms, and how does it relate to Asperger syndrome? This Very Short Introduction answers the key questions and offers a clear statement on what is currently known about autism and Asperger syndrome.
£7.99 £7.19

Beyond Metafiction: Self-Consciousness in Soviet Literature

A study of metafiction - fiction in which an important theme is its own fictional status - in Soviet literature. It questions previous treatments of metafiction and suggests a framework for new approaches to Soviet literary history.
£105.00 £94.50

Blackstone's Handbook for Policing Students 2017 11ed

Reflecting the multitude of avenues into the police force now open to future police officers, from student officers and pre-join students to Specials, Blackstone's Handbook for Policing Students 2017 ensures you have the knowledge and understanding necessary to undertake independent patrol in a professional and competent manner.
£34.99 £31.49

Blackstone's Policing for the Special Constable 2ed

Comprehensive and practical, this covers all the learning requirements for Specials to build and develop their careers in policing.
£30.99 £27.89

Brain: A Very Short Introduction

Provides an introduction to the main issues and findings in brain research. This book describes the historical developments behind our understanding of what the brain is and what it does, and explores the key questions neuroscientists face concerning the relationship between the brain and thought, memories, perceptions, and actions.
£6.99 £6.29

Communism: A Very Short Introduction

The collapse of communism was one of the most defining moments of the twentieth century. This Very Short Introduction examines the history behind the political, economic, and social structures of communism as an ideology.
£7.99 £7.19