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Deleuze and Lifelong Learning: Creativity, Events and Ethics

This book examines Gilles Deleuze's ideas about creativity in the context of lifelong learning, offering an original take on this important contemporary topic using cinematic parallels. Discussing Deleuze's difficult notion of 'counter-actualization' as a form of creative practice, it draws practical consequences for those across a diverse sector.
£65.00 £58.50

Discourses of Olympism: From the Sorbonne 1894 to London 2012

This book evaluates the moral project of Olympism, analzying the changing value positions adopted in relation to the ideology of Olympism across the period from the 1890s to the present day. The book also analyzes discourses of Olympism concerned with youth, governance, sport for development and international relations.
£64.00 £57.60

Ecotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice

This thought-provoking book provides a comprehensive exploration of the emerging fields of ecotherapy, ecopsychology and nature-based therapies. Written by a collection of leading experts, the book offers a unique examination of a range of theoretical perspectives and applies the latest research to this fast-developing area of therapeutic practice.
£22.99 £20.69

Employability Journal

As a cognitive process, writing helps us to develop our understanding because it involves processing our thoughts.
£13.99 £12.59

Expansive Learning in Professional Contexts: A Materialist Perspective

The book critically reviews a range of approaches to expansive learning and organizational research, establishing the bases and limitations of an Expansive Learning Index whose aim is to support collaborative provision in the context of work-based research.
£37.99 £19.99