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Appetite for Murder: Frances Doughty Mystery Bk4

The sudden death of overweight 49-year-old Thomas Whibley sparks off an acrimonious furore in Bayswater, and sparks fly between rival diet doctors, vegetarians and the extremist Pure Food Society.
£8.99 £8.09

Case of Doubtful Death: Frances Doughty Mystery Bk3

A doctor has set up a waiting mortuary on the borders of Kensal Green Cemetery. He collapses and dies, apparently of natural causes, but on the same night one of his most reliable employees goes missing. Frances Doughty, a young sleuth with a reputation for solving knotty cases, is engaged to find the missing man, but nothing is as it seems.
£8.99 £8.09

Children of Silence: Frances Doughty Mystery Bk5

LONDON, 1881: When a body is found in the Paddington canal basin, a woman with a hearing impairment claims that the remains are those of her missing husband, who disappeared three years ago. Unable to prove her case, she appeals to Frances Doughty, the lady detective, to investigate.
£8.99 £8.09

Clash of Thrones: Power-Crazed Medieval Kings, Popes and Emperors of Europe

Medieval Europe is a dark and dangerous place. It is a place where love clashes with ambition and violence rules - enemies are blinded, rivals are murdered and heretics are burnt at the stake. As the Black Death sweeps the continent and the Mongol hordes threaten its borders, can the kings of the old world survive the dawn of a new era?
£9.99 £8.99

Dark Horse: A Life of Anna Sewell

"Black Beauty" is among the top ten best selling novels for children ever written. This biography reveals the life of its author, Anna Sewell (1820-1878): her experiences, her beliefs and the sympathy with animals and their suffering that drove her to write her famous work.
£20.00 £18.00

Daughters of Gentlemen: Frances Doughty Mystery Bk2

The daughters of gentlemen
£8.99 £8.09

Death in Bayswater: Frances Doughty Mystery Bk6

LONDON 1881: Panic reigns in Bayswater as a ruthless murderer prowls the foggy streets of the nation's capital. Myth and reality collide in another thrilling mystery that will stretch Frances' powers of deduction - and her courage - to the limit.
£8.99 £8.09

Mr Scarletti's Ghost: A Mina Scarletti Mystery Bk1

Brighton 1871: Spirit mediums are all the fashion, especially Miss Eustace, a psychic who claims to produce apparitions of the dead. Diminutive Mina Scarletti, a writer of horror stories, is sure that her widowed mother is in the hands of cheats and extortionists so she enlists the aid of an unlikely group of friends to expose the frauds.
£8.99 £8.00