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1001 Inventions

1001 Inventions provides unique insight into a significant time period in Muslim history that has been looked over by much of the world. A time where discoveries were made and inventions were created that have impacted how Western civilization and the rest of the world lives today. The book will cover seven aspects of life relatable to everyone, including home, school, hospital, market, town, world and universe.

31 BC: Antony, Cleopatra and the Fall of Egypt

On 2 September 31 BC the superpowers of ancient Egypt and Rome met head on for the first and last time in history. The outcome was the Battle of Actium, which would change the course of history and lead directly to the foundation of the Roman Empire.

A Century of Israeli Art

A Century of Israeli Art presents the story of modern Israel's visual culture, beginning with the pre-state years of Zionist art in the early 20th century and extending to the present day, as a new generation of Israeli artists rises to international prominence in the 21st century.

A Dictionary of Persian Calligraphy and Related Arts

A Lebanese Archive is based on a collection of archival photographs from Lebanon and the Middle East which came into the hands of Ania Dabrowska in 2010 when she was a SPACE artist-in-residence at Arlington hostel in Camden, London. It belongs to Diab Alkarssifi, a Lebanese emigre who was living there at the time.

A New Look at Israel Beyond the Ubiquitous News Images

Andres Serrano (*1950 in New York), one of the most celebrated representatives of international contemporary photography and art, achieved major prominence for his work Piss Christ which to this day has not lost any of its unsettling impact. Religion, sexuality, and death are pervasive elements of his oeuvre.